Arcade x TAHOEMADECollab Adventure belt. This Adventure belt is packed with all the goodness that Arcade is known for plus TAHOEMADE’s appreciation for adventure and exploration.

The adage of valuing the company you keep rings true with Arcade, and we are very excited to introduce a unique and limited edition collaboration with fellow and local apparel brand, TAHOEMADE.

For this collaboration, we looked to our own backyard and partnered with our neighbors to bring you a collab that speaks to our roots in the Sierra Nevada and our love for the clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe. We invite you to #strapinandventureout

  • One size fits most, up to 40″ (101.6cm)
  • Travel-Friendly
  • Washer/Dryer safe
  • Belt width – 1.5″ (3.81cm)

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Adventure Belts

The original good times belt. Lighter, stronger and better than ever. Built with elastic stretch for movement, comfort, and function. Made from the same material as your outdoor gear. All the good stuff blended into a belt designed to handle anything you can throw at it.

Perfect Fit

Micro-adjustable buckle for one size fits most sizing. Up to 40″ (101.6 cm)


No metal means easier passage through airport security.

Machine Washable

Leave the belt in your pants during the wash and dry cycles.