The Arcade Hemingway Adventure belt is a lightweight and low-profile upgraded package worthy of the outdoors and the office. Elastic stretch webbing, for a superior fit and ultimate comfort, has been blended with wool fibers to create a sustainable, durable and washable belt that is ready for anything you can throw at it as well as both the wash and dry cycles. Add in the Capture buckle, that is light as balsa, strong as metal and provides a secure a custom fit and you have a belt that takes you from sunrise to sunset.

  • One size fits most, up to 40″ (101.6cm)
  • New Capture Buckle
  • Premium Wool
  • Belt width – 1.5″ (3.81cm)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Incredibly Versatile

Stretchy elastic webbing built to perform at the highest level from the office to the outdoors.

Capture Buckle

Light as balsa, strong as metal

Elevated Details

Hidden adjustment point, unique inlays, soft-touch buckles, and premium, trims.


No metal means easier passage through airport security.