Hudson – Prune


The Arcade Hudson is a clean and mean belt built for the daily grind. A Smartweave elastic braid allows for all day comfort while keeping your pants where they should be. This same elastic braid eliminates awkwardly spaced holes and provides a custom fit. Top-grain leather trims elevate the Hudson to provide a timeless look.

  • Available in 3 sizes, M, L, XL. See sizing below.

Smartweave Sizing

M = 30″ – 34″ (76.2cm – 86.4cm) L = 32″ – 38″ ( – 96.5cm) XL = 36″ – 42″ (91.4cm – 106.7cm).

Elastic Braid

Keeps pants where they are supposed to be.


Braiding eliminates the need for awkwardly spaced holes.


Top-grain, durable leather trims.