With record breaking snowfall in the Sierra’s, the region has been producing some incredibly deep days. The weather patterns seem to have open the door to an endless season of pow slaying. But before multiple atmospheric rivers plowed their way through Tahoe, burying everything in sight, the snow pack was off to a decent early season start. Below is a throwback to the shred sessions of photographer Ben Birk and company. He has been getting after it with some notable characters in tow…. Enjoy the gallery.

“Only halfway through our season and the Sierra’s are already at our season average. The snowfall has allowed Tahoe residents to get really good at tossing snow in the air.   Johnny Brady with his 1000th turn of the season.”

“It’s ingrained in human nature for us to attempt to make our dreams into reality. Dreams like standing on a misty mountain peak with your snowboard in hand. Rider: Chip Snyder”

“Snowboard crews from all over the world have been making their way to Tahoe to plunder powder for the lenses of their camera men. Very few do it as good as the local boys. L-R Eric Messier, Gray Thompson, Nick Russell.“

“For Decades, the Eastern Sierra has been the proving ground for big mountain riders who live in the Sierra Nevada mountain rang. The landscape is predominantly defined by steep narrow couloirs and massive amounts of granite rock. Rider: Gray Thompson”

“Taking a cue from our surfing brothers, some snowboarders rise before dawn and make their way into the white surf. Their rewards are amazing light, un-crowded peaks, and cold blower pow.”

“Pondering possible peaks and their perfect pitched powder. Eric Messier and Nick Russell lost in the view.”

“Low pressure gets me high”. “It’s an old ski saying but the term holds true for die hard skiers and snowboarders. When a low pressure system sets in and the pow falls, you better believe we get our butts outside and on top of some radically tall peaks. Rider: Nick Russell“